The European Union has created between its human beings – people coming from Europe and people being in it – an ineffable bond : the promise of an eternal construction aiming at sustaining peace, for as long as humanity will live.

Since this union is also, not to claim mostly, defined by what its people experience in their daily lives, then only through the power of personal thematics and stories, can one get a better grasp of what humanity in Europe means. It is from this belief at least, that Humans of the E.U. was born.

Humans of the E.U. presents a few stories, photographs, dialogues excerpts and words of those directly involved in the European project. The storytelling nuance here, is that the visuals and stories on this page are not about peoples’ jobs, but about themselves ‘outside of their roles’ . This nuance is also the reason why the project steers away from conveying or representing commercial or political goals.

Humans of the E.U. aims to transcend all notions and differences between political groups, genders, ethnicities and stems from the postulate that : it is when one wonders about people and try to understand where they come from (from within -), that one can truly empathise with them and accept them. In turn, through understanding and accepting the human face of the E.U., one will understand the E.U. better and be able to relate to it and its initial shape and purpose: a union of human beings wishing to live and work together in peace, until the end of times.

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