Of course love exists between Arabs and Europeans ! I am a living proof of it, aren’t I ? If my parents did not love each other, they wouldn’t have decided to have a baby and I would never have been born! To be frank I barely see a difference between my Egyptian Muslim familyContinue reading

Getting married to her doesn’t feel like a change for me, because I’m already committed to her. We’ve been together for a long time and often times it feels like we’ve always been together. This official commitment is simply a formality.  Marriage means to me : putting on paper the promise that ” I’ll alwaysContinue reading

The same year that Poland joined the EU, I moved to Sweden for my Erasmus*. For the first time , I was able to travel outside of my country without passing any border control, without having to get a visa and without having someone look inside my luggage upon my arrival. For the first time,Continue reading

My father was an ornithologist and was only interested in nature, so we spent our holidays camping or hiking in different parts of Europe. I didn’t mind watching birds but after two or three hours I found it a bit repetitive and boring; I lost interest. Why, since I had to spend so much timeContinue reading

When my dad passed away – very suddenly – it took me time to come to terms with this loss. Now I feel that this episode is ‘in the past’, because I confronted it but I still sense his absence very much. I suffer from it, especially when dealing with my own family. When youContinue reading

  The other day my daughter asked me: ‘Mom, am I Belgian or am I German?’ She grew up in Belgium after all. I often feel a certain identity dilemma, especially when it comes to my children. Nonetheless, I want them to define their identity however they want, because this is what the European ideaContinue reading

You know how in music, the pause or a well orchestrated silence can be the most powerful element ? How hearing this break can allow you to enjoy the whole piece of music even more ? Well, yoga does the same for me: it is this ‘pause’ that allows me to enjoy life overall, becauseContinue reading

A few years back, I volunteered to help the disadvantaged in Nepal for three months and while living there, I learned the importance of remaining down to earth, appreciating food more and creating calm for oneself. It felt like the most peaceful I had ever felt in my life. Coming back here… to Europe, hasContinue reading