I went to Jewish school until I was thirteen years old. Jewish schools are…you know, surrounded by police officers and high walls for security reasons, so there is always this weird feeling you have – that you are constantly under threat. One of my early memories from school was that we had fire drills. IContinue reading

We met whilst studying at the College of Europe. They told us at that they needed musicians for the opening ceremony of the college. So, since we turned out to be the only guys that had brought their instruments to university, we ended up becoming the guys who played the European anthem at the ceremonyContinue reading

I have two children and I have always tried to teach them about organization and discipline, just like I had taught myself. One of them is having a very organised life, she works at art gallery and she loves it and the other one is more into music. He even has a band. He isContinue reading

I lived through the war. I was bombed many times. I remember being woken up by my parents in the middle of the night to find shelter and I remember the sound of the sirens*. I remember the fear of being attacked, the anxiety, the tension. Many Croatians still remember this and it is perhapsContinue reading

I used to be a scuba instructor and when I started taking photos under water, I realised that I very much enjoyed photography. It all started when I was travelling across Latin America. I met this girl in the Dominican republic, she was a scuba diving instructor and I fell in love with her. SoContinue reading

I was not a very happy child. I was sensitive and I already knew that I was different but I could not understand why, which children probably perceived this as weakness, because they repeatedly bullied me. Once, I was attacked physically: three kids grabbed my arms and pushed my head onto the ground to make me eatContinue reading

I was by the metro station once, with my bicycle, when I suddenly heard an explosion* and I started seeing chaos: people injured coming out of the station and blood everywhere. At that moment, instead of going inside and helping people, I took my bicycle and went away. Because I thought – those who areContinue reading

I am eldest of two younger brothers; the only girl but our parents always tried to raise us in the same, egalitarian way. My mum was a stay-at-home mother and my father was an entrepreneur. I have to say that I looked up to him quite a lot : he had to pay for hisContinue reading

I want to become less judgemental of other women. I simply feel that us women tend to be harsher on each other, perhaps because we share much more with each other; we share personal stories and for some reason that opens up room for judgement instead of understanding.  Through this club, I learned to pauseContinue reading