My mum basically finished her studies while being pregnant and then having me as a baby. Impressive right? She’s my biggest example as to what to achieve in life and she only started it all at thirty years old! That gives me hope that turning thirty is just a start for me. Still, that putsContinue reading

I have been with my wife for eight years now. We met when we were teenagers as we were both taking karaté classes, she was fifteen years old at the time and I, seventeen. I reckon the reason why our relationship works so well is because we are so similar. We are both positive, weContinue reading

I am picking up my wife from the train station today : she is visiting me for the weekend. I should head in fact; she’s arriving fairly soon! (Michel is the chief negotiator for relations between the UK and the European Union. He was also the main Brexit negotiator before the UK left)

Everyone who either has a child or has an understanding of what having a child means, is aware that life completely changes after that.  (Ania works for a company covering issues of intellectual property at the EU level and in relation to EU policy.)

I am currently in my longest relationship; it’s been more than ten years now! What do I love in him ? Oh, waw. I love that he is such a good person.  (Pietro is an Adviser at the European External Action Service – the European Union’s diplomatic service)

I often think of my daughters and the world they will grow up in. I want them to live in a world where their voice is heard. (Alberto is the founder of various EU initiatives including the Good lobby. He is also an author and EU law professor)

I find politicians pretty agreeable. When I drive I’m always talking to them, socializing a little bit. To be fair, I do most of the talking.  (Karim has been working as a driver for members of the European Parliament for three years.)

This was a present from my team; they are the sweetest ! On the side of the shoe is written my favorite book quote ‘On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur’ (Martina is a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.)