I have been with my wife for eight years now. We met when we were teenagers as we were both taking karaté classes, she was fifteen years old at the time and I, seventeen. I reckon the reason why our relationship works so well is because we are so similar. We are both positive, we enjoy communicating with each other and we are friendly to others. We avoid conflict whenever possible and it helps our couple; because we rarely argue. We have similar interests and we see life the same way even though we do different jobs. She’s a mathematics teacher and I am here, running the family business. I sometimes feel we are so similar, it would be hard to find a difference between us two.
We stopped practicing karaté now. I mean, I love the sport itself, but after a while, it had become too competitive for me – a matter of ‘who achieves the best techniques’, ‘who fights best’, ‘who wins the fight’ and so on. I don’t like that. I’m not a competitive person. So I stopped.  Why did she stop? She tore a ligament and had to stop, but she actually loved the competitive aspect of the sport. She’s a very competitive person. Hey! I guess here is one difference between us after all. 

(Mario works at a coffeehouse of the Luxembourg square market, taking place every Tuesday, at the heart of the European quarter in Brussels. He is from Belgium.)

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