We met whilst studying at the College of Europe. They told us at that they needed musicians for the opening ceremony of the college. So, since we turned out to be the only guys that had brought their instruments to university, we ended up becoming the guys who played the European anthem at the ceremony and then we simply continued playing with each other. We do a sort of funk rock version of music with a violin intro, we add some guitar and the drums come in – et voila! People having a good time is what drives us to keep playing. Music allows people to have a good time because it transcends them. 

((From left to right) Willy, works at DG DEVCO, Denis, is an EU lawyer, Christian, is also a lawyer, Alexis, is a policy assistant at the European Commission, Andrea, is a consultant at DG SANTE (European Commission) and Omri is the Managing Director of Alliance4Europe. Their band is called the Bowtie Collective.)

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