I used to be a scuba instructor and when I started taking photos under water, I realised that I very much enjoyed photography. It all started when I was travelling across Latin America. I met this girl in the Dominican republic, she was a scuba diving instructor and I fell in love with her. So I called home and said : Mum, Dad, I’m quitting my job and I am staying here to become a scuba instructor. Of course they were worried at first, but eventually they came to visit me and I even taught them diving, which was great. Since then, I had a son in Belgium and gave up scuba diving for a bit. But hey, now he is getting old, so I am teaching him; we are diving together. Slowly it is coming back, I am getting back into diving and soon I will even take my son to the sea, in order to see the fishies. It will be fantastic!
Ah – but yes so this is why I started photography! Photography techniques are basically the same, it’s just the fish you photograph that are different : they are a bit more colourful under water! 

(Martin is a photographer at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.)

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