I was by the metro station once, with my bicycle, when I suddenly heard an explosion* and I started seeing chaos: people injured coming out of the station and blood everywhere. At that moment, instead of going inside and helping people, I took my bicycle and went away. Because I thought – those who are dead are dead, those who are injured will get help – I did not stay to help and I regret it.

I feel guilty. I am not proud of it. I went away to save myself. Every time I pass by the metro station now I promise myself that if ever in another situation like this and let’s hope there is none similar, ever, I will go inside and help. I guess at that point I was in dissonance with the kind of person that I thought I was. I have been in other situations where I helped people, so I am not so angry with myself. I don’t get angry at other people for making mistakes. But I should have gone in there and helped. 

(Frank was a Member of the European Parliament and now works on a book that will detail reasons to love the European Union.) (*He is referring to the suicide bombing (coordinated with other bombings in the country) – that happened at the Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, Belgium, on 22 March 2016.)

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